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Did you say you ordered a medium/long from Nana's?  I'm wondering if Eli needs a M or M/L.  I don't have him with me to measure him, but he's pretty tall.  But looking at her site, the brown one that you got appears to be my only option on her instock items.  Did you see anything else?

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Re: backthepack

  • I did order a medium/long (even though I didn't measure J). He is pretty long already (25+ in) & not that big around which is a problem I have with disposables b/c the size 2 is long enough but too big around.

    If you keep scrolling it says "Custom AIO..." which are in-stock, but I'm not sure where you would select your color (unless you do that after). I'd email her & ask. She is really helpful & quick! Hopefully you can take advantage of the sale...alchris' nana's diapers were so cute!

  • Also, where did you get your cloth wipes, wet bags, pail liners, & other CD supplies? Please be as specific as possible b/c I'm so new to this stuff I'm easily confused. :) Thanks!
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  • one more mentioned a $10 off & $15 rebate code for Would you mind passing that along?
  • I have ordered all of my supplies from either or, depending on what they had in stock and any sales/discounts they had going on at the time.  Although I love Lillian at Modern Diapers, she doesn't carry the wipes I like, and she only has one size wetbag.  So if you're looking to get everything in one place with a large selection, I would look at Mom's Milk Boutique.  She has the pail liners, cloths, and wetbags I have.  She also carries the wipes solution if you wanted some of that.  Both of them have quick shipping and are very nice.  Modern Diapers has a 5% discount for nesties, but I'll have to look up the code for you.

    I ordered my Crunchy Clean and Diaper Dust directly from the sellers on Etsy and Hyena Cart.  I can help you with that if you are interested.  I'm not sure if anyone else carries Diaper Dust.  I know Modern Diapers carries some scents of Crunchy Clean.


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  • Thanks for this info. I haven't looked at those websites yet, so I will definitely take a look.

    Your wet bag was cute & I liked the handle - who made it again?

    Also, do you remember the code for I'm going to order a couple of BG 3.0 from there & one FB. I'll order more later after I try them out to see if I like them. I have a friend who uses that site for sposies & she loves it!

  • Sorry, I missed your question the first time.  The code for $10 off is mrsmikey10 (it's a referral program).  And you'll get free shipping.  Also, you get a free subscription to Parents magazine, and if you send back the card and refuse the subscription, you'll get $15 back.  I ended up getting 3 BG3.0s for $28!

    My wetbag is Leslie's Boutique.  You can order directly from her, but if you're ordering stuff from somewhere else, you'll probably be better off to save on shipping.  The one you saw me with Tuesday was the swim size.  It holds 3-4 diapers.  I also have a medium, which holds 6-8.


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  • I got the same CD from Nana's that you did.  I only got that one, b/c I wasn't sure if the others would get the discount.  But you can't beat that price, even if it's not the cutest color. 

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  • You can get everything you need from the sites I mentioned on the "resources" handout.  I love those stores and they're where I'd order from if I were just starting out and buying new.  Heck, they're where I DO order from if I need something else!  The things I showed that were brand new on Wednesday all came from Abby's Lane (the Swaddlebees wipe, the Bummi's cover, the BumGenius and inserts, and the Kissaluvs size 0 fitted).  The last three stores I mentioned on the handout b/c they're big and popular, but the first 5 I mentioned because as I've shopped in the past those have stood out and I've had very personalized service with each of them and I like giving them my business. :)  Prices tend to be almost identical so it's a matter of shipping costs, which is why I included  free shipping info on the handout.  And if you sign up for their mailing lists you'll get special offers too!

    For what it's worth, Kira wears the regular medium Nana's Bottoms AIO, not medium/long, and it still fits just fine with room to grow at 11 months old.  But if I were to buy any for her for 2009, I'd get medium/long.'s up to you. :)

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