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I have my first court date tomorrow. Since my ex has an attorney now, he will be there. This is the ICMC, and it he did not show up for the first one, so I don't know why they are giving him a second chance. It's not fair, but whatever. I will have to be in the same room with him. Not looking forward to that. The discussion will be about child support and parenting time. My lawyer is going to ask that he be ordered to pay February and March on the spot, and April be submitted to her office. By May, the income withholding should be in place.

I need your thoughts and prayers that the judge sees fit to order supervised visitation. Adi's father could take him out of the country, he was abusive to me and I fear what he could do to Adi's young impressionable mind. Also, Adi has not seen his father in 6+ months, and I don't want Adi to be upset that I would just be handing him over to this stranger.

Thanks, Ladies!!


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  • Done!!! Let us know tomorrow what happens.

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  • I can't imagine being in that situation and it must be so difficult.  T&P's for you and DS. 

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  • Love, hugs, thoughts & prayers from our family to you & LO...I hope all goes your way tomorrow!! =)
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  • Thanks, Ladies! Now that I have a new computer, fully protected, I will try to get online to tell you all what happens. I took tomorrow off from work as I do not know what time I will be out of court. Even if I were out on time to work, I think I will need the rest of the day off to destress. I may go to Church to pray afterwards...


  • I hope it goes well.
  • Good luck.  I hope everything goes well.
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