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Emily's birth story and PIP

It all started Thursday, my due date 2-23-12. I was at work and I noticed the annoying contractions that had been interupting my days for weeks. This was around 230 or 3. I finished the work day and went home, got a sudden urge to mop the kitchen floor (nesting?). As the contractions continued. I then got diaherra, I was thinking maybe this is it.

DH came home from work around 630 and we cooked dinner, DH was feeling very sick, he was just getting over what we thought was the flu, except on this day he had broken out into a rash on his hands. I told him I has been having contractions and he convinced me to start timing. So I did. Started timing at 830, they were 5-7 minutes apart and lasting for a minute or more. by 845 they were steadily 4-5 minutes apart and a minute or more. By 930 they were getting more intense and 3-4 minutes apart. I told DH to go to bed because we were probably going to make a trip to L&D in the night, as soon as I couldnt stand them. I took a shower and made sure our bags were packed. By 11:30 they were 2-3 minutes apart and more painful, I could breath through them and talk through them but they hurt. I woke up DH and we arrived at the hospital at 1145

After they hooked me up and monitored my contractions 1-2 minutes apart lasting for a about no break. I got checked 1cm...seriously! I waited and labored in triage for awhile. The contractions were getting more and more painful and I needed to progress to get admitted. DH was still not feeling well and he suddenly became very concerned about the babies and moms to be around us catching whatever it was he had.we were sharing a room with 2 other couples. So he asked the nurse about it. Within 10 minutes they kicked DH out of L&D, telling him he cant come back until a doctor approves. DH went downstairs to the ER, I was in labor at 3 am all alone. Suddenly the waterworks start, worried DH will miss the birth and wanting them to send me home now. DH was checked out, he had strep and his immune system was turning against his body causing the rash, which has spread to his face, feet, stomach and butt. He was given a shot so he wouldnt be contagious anymore within an hour I was checked again only 1cm still, although my contractions were ontop of each other 1minute apart, they sent me home, and set an appointment for 10am with my doctor

I went home and labored all night, from bed to couch with heating pad, to the bath tub back to bed...just trying to get some relief. Finally 10 am came and I went to my apt with contractions still 1-2 minutes apart. My doctor checked me and I was 2cm. She wanted to treat me and baby for strep since I was exposed and in labor. She asked that I think about being induced so I could get an IV of antibiotics in my system. I gladly said yes, and we headed back to L&D.

We checked in got set up, started pitocin and antibiotics, called our families and tried to get some sleep. Easier said than done when you are in labor. The contractions were ontop of one another, with maybe 30 sec break between. I was doing all I could to breath through them but without any sleep, I was struggling to concentrate. At 5:00 I couldnt stand it anymore, I asked for an epidural. Epidural came, ahhh amazing I could finally relax, the checked me at 6:30pm..3cm, and decided to break my water. I had a ways to go. Dh decided to go get something to eat before things got any closer. He left, I had my sister and mom there so I was the epidural was amazing, finally I got some sleep...about 30minutes. Then I felt like I needed to poop, with a room full of people, including ILs and friends I was worried I would just go on myself since I couldnt feel my butt and everyone would smell And of cource I get a gush of wetness, more fluid leaking, but I thought it was me going to the bathroom on myself, and I knew I had a cathiter so I was certain I pooped on myself. So I asked to be checked and for everyone to leave the room. At 8:00 The nurse checked me and said Oh my goodness, I said what? embarrassed still thinking I pooped on She said your ready to have this baby, 10cm. What I was feeling was the baby so far down and the urge to push starting, not the need to poop. Things suddenly went from calm to frantic, everyone looking for DH,who was still gone getting food, nurses were breaking down the bed and setting things up around me.  my sister was calming me down, telling me DH was on his way. DH walked in and I felt much better, and started crying just seeing his face. I was worried he would miss it.

I started pushing at 8:10, giving it everything I had. The doctor kept watching baby's heart rate drop, when I wasnt pushing her HR would drop into danger zone. Doctor told me I need to get the baby out quickly or prepare for emergency c-section. That was all I needed to hear, I pushed harder than I knew I could. The last 5 minutes was the most pain I had ever felt in my life even with the epidural, I was even pushing without contractions determined to get my baby out safely and stop the pain. 8:38pm Emily Nicole was born. The cord was around her neck, but she was perfect in every way. 6lbs 8.5 oz and 20 inches long. DH cut the cord and dont tell him but I saw the tears in his eyes as they put her on my chest. Our family is complete with this little angel in our lives. Looking back it is all so amazing and I am blessed to have experienced it and be blessed with miss Emily's pressence in our lives!

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