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long over due (4 months to be exact)

I know this is long overdue however the last 4 months have been super busy. Here is Ethan Matthew?s Birth story. I was due 11/17/11, this was my first baby and I was team green?

November 6th I had to work an event for work all day. I felt great! Tons of energy. No BH, no back pains, NOTHING!. I felt so AMAZING I went to the gym after work and I cleaned my house top to bottom (I guess this was my nesting). I went to bed around 10:30pm.

I woke up at 12:16am with some ?cramping?. I didn?t think anything of it. I just drank some was and laid back down. I woke up at 12:31am with the same ?cramping?. I texted my husband at work (he?s a firefighter so he works 24 hours on, 48 hours off) and told him I thought I was having contractions. He asked me if I wanted him to come home. I told him this is probably just pre-labor and we should wait and see. I had another contraction at 12:46am and then 1:01am.

My husband and I decided to have my father come pick me up and drive me to my parents? house.(my parent? house is only 5 minutes away from the hospital ,15 minutes from DH work and my house is an hour from the hospital). We figured that if it was nothing, my hubby would just pick me up at my parents at 7:30 am when he got off shift and if I did go into labor he would leave work and meet us up at the hospital.

 During this time, I thought that I was nowhere close to having the baby. I honestly thought that this could go on for days. I called my father and told him the game plan and to come pick me up. While I was waiting for my father to come pick me up, I decided to take a shower and relax. The time is now 1:45 am and my contractions are now 10 minutes apart.

 Around 2:30am, my father got to my house, loaded me and my hospital bags in car and took off for my parents? house. During the car ride, I called L&D at the hospital and they told me not to come in until the contractions were about 5 minutes apart or if my water broke. (my contractions were 8 minutes apart).

My husband called during this time and told me he was leaving work and would meet me at my parents? house. The ride from my house to parent?s house was very interesting. My father was so nervous, he kept asking me stupid questions like ?What did you eat for dinner last night? or ?Are you hungry? Do you want me to stop to get something for you??? I tried to keep my cool and not strangle my father and just responded ?I had leftover pizza? and ?No. Thank. You. I. Am . Not. Hungry.?

At one point during the ride, my father goes ?Crap! We?re being pulled over.? With my father being a practical joker that he is, I thought he was kidding. NOPE! He pulled over and there was a squad car right behind us with its lights on. With my feet pressed against the windshield, and me trying to breathe through the contraction, my dad flashes his badge (he?s a retired cop). The police officer looks inside the car, sees me, looks at my dad and had a confused look on his face. My dad says ?my daughter is in Labor!?. Without hesitation, the cop says ?GO GO GO GO!? And we did?

We got to my parents house around 3:00am.. My husband pulled up at the same time as us. He said he wanted to take a quick shower because he just had a call before he left work. While my husband was showering, I was laying on parent?s family floor. I kept taking layers of clothing off because I was burning up. I kept breathing and kept trying to relax (I was thinking I was on a beach in Jamaica). About 5 minutes later, my husband comes downstairs after his shower and looks at me , then my mom and says ?WE need to go now!?. My contractions are about 5 minutes apart.

We get to the hospital around 3:45am. They took me into triage and examined me. I was 4cm dilated and 100% effaced. The nurse asked me if I wanted anything for the pain. As much as I wanted to have a med free birth, I told her I would take a little something in my IV. NO EPIDURAL! After I said that, I had another contraction and DH looked at me and said ?Are you sure you don?t want an epidural?? I told the nurse that I changed my mind and I wanted an epidural

About 10 minutes later they took me into the L&D room. I told them I had a lot of pressure so they examined me again and I was now 7cm. They were still waiting for the epidural. Another 10 minutes go by and I told them that I really wanted to push and they examined me again. I was now 10 cm! My husband said ?What about the epidural?? and the nurse replied ?Honey! There is no time for that!?.

Before I knew it, the doctor was ?suiting up ?. The doctor broke my water and shortly after, I began pushing. I suddenly got a burst of energy!! I waited 9 long months to meet my baby and see if it was a boy or a girl so after about 8 pushes, Ethan Matthew was born at 5:31am on Monday November 7th. That was the happiest day of my life!


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