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S/O: What age to start giving responsibilities?

She's capable of putting her toys away, guess I could have her do that everynight...

Re: S/O: What age to start giving responsibilities?

  • This has been on my mind lately - especially since every parenting magazine seems to have an article on it over the last couple of months.  I am working on getting her to put stuff where it goes (dirty clothes, cups on the table, etc.), but mostly, she just likes to move things I have put up.  She LOVES to help put clothes in the dryer.
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  • I don't remember at what age I started.  It just seemed to flow naturally.  When he could hold a plate without dropping everything on the floor, I started having him clear his dishes from the table.  When he started undressing himself, I made sure he put his clothes in the hamper instead of me doing it.  When he started showing interest in feeding the dogs, I made it his "job."

    Just look for readiness signs.  Sam LOVES to have jobs.  It makes him happy when he's able to contribute.  (That is, most of the time!)

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  • DS will be 2 in December and helps pick up toys, feeds the kitties, and helps unload the dishwasher... he also "helps" with laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping/dustbuster.  I feel like it's slave labor - but at this age they are so eager to help, that it's easier to give them a task within the task (even if you have to redo it!).
  • Alex has been picking up his toys and putting his cups and bowls in the sink since he was about 18 months, I think. 
    He likes to help, so I took advantage of that.  He also tries to help with laundry and stuff.  But it adds an extra 30 minutes onto the job!  lol
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    She's capable of putting her toys away, guess I could have her do that everynight...

    that's a great place to start but do it as a relationship development not a chore... do it with her and make it a game letting her win.  it won't be as much of a fight later on when she catches on.  one of our parents was talking about how she just wants her son to pick up the toys without her since she does it faster.  um, you can control how fast you pick up the toys.  so, i told her to do it one for one at the begining but then after do one for his two and so on... it's worked so far.

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