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Hey hun! I've been keeping track of your updates!

First of all- holy cow that they only managed to get two sperm out of that sample with those pre-wash numbers. I'm shocked! I've never heard of such a thing.

It sounds like today's results are looking up! When will you cycle again? Thinking of you!

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    Ah thanks sweetie.  I've been bog stalking you! :)

    Yeah, I've never heard of Pre and post wash being so far between.  My mother, father and DH all think the lab screwed up.  I have more faith and think it was the steroids, and that since the forward progression was grade 1 instead of 2, 3, or 4 is what mainly caused it.  I'm very optimistic for next go around.

    Since I'm on CD4 and DH is OOT for cd 15-18 this month we might cycle next cycle which will start around March 27th.  But if I get the job I interviewed for, which I hope to God I do because it's more than double what I make now, I am actually thinking of working a month or two before starting up again because of appointments.  Thankfully, my RE's group FCI has several locations and one happens to be just two miles away from the office so it would be really close for monitoring and getting to work after IUI, but still think I wouldn't want to have to explain being late in the first month of working.  Plus I'd like to do most everything at my "home" office since I know the staff and RE there and not at the other office.

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