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ok...saw your response below and remembered I had a dream about you last night. 

Don't remember much other than we were somewhere to watch my brother/husband (not the same person, just took turns as to who it was) graduate from something. 

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  • haha you and your nestie dreams!  I thought you only had those when you were pregnant.... do you need to go poas?

    Are yall still going tomorrow? 

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  • nope.  i have insane dreams ALL.THE.TIME

    Yep...we are going.  we are more than likely going to the same tailgate as last week where I saw you.  but we were invited to another one.  All i know about it is that it is in the center of campus?  do you know where that is in relation to where we were last week?

    And - I hope we win.  We haven't played FSU in a long time - and it's been even longer since we beat them.  WE NEED TO WIN!!! 


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  • haha - well I feel special that I made it in your dream, lol

    Where you were last week is basically central campus.  We're pretty much in the middle too... maybe a little west.  So you'll probably be in the same general area.  Just text me if you want to meet up.  We're getting htere between 10-11 or so.

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  • sounds like a plan! 

    not sure what time we are getting there yet...we are still firming that up :) 

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