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zantac question

My baby is currently on zantac twice a day. I mix it in with a little formula and give it to him in a bottle. Does anyone have a different way that works that you give your baby their zantac or do you give it like this?
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Re: zantac question

  • where in NJ are you?
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  • I actually just use the medicine syringe and put the syringe in the back corner of his mouth.  He is now on 1.1 ml (started at 0.8) and I give it to him half at a time.  He cringes, makes a face and gets the chills, and then I squirt the second half in.

    He clearly does not enjoy the flavor but it is used to it and doesn't spit it out or anything and is happy again a few seconds after we are done. 

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  • We use the medicine syringe. We squirt about half of it in and give him his paci or bottle to suck on just to make sure he gets it down and then do the other half.

  • Our son is on 1 ml of Zantac now. I give him half of the Zantac then half of his vitamin D, which is sweet and he loves, then the rest of the Zantac dose, then the rest of the vitamin D dose to wash it down.
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