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My Leap Day labor, pushed for 5 minutes, birth story PIP

On Wednesday (Leap Day), I was 40w3d and went to the doctor for an ultrasound and appointment. We got to see little guy moving around and OB also checked me. I was at a 4.... the same as I was a week before.... but the doctor said his head had moved down and that my cervix was softer.

During this time, I was have braxton hicks contractions, but nothing painful yet.

3 hours later at home, I made dinner for my family and we sat down to eat. During dinner, I noticed that I was feeling crampy. No real contractions, just feeling achy and uncomfortable. I asked DH to clean up dinner and I went to take a hot shower.

After the shower, I laid down on my side and started timing the braxton hicks contractions. I noticed that they were getting consistent: around 5 to 10 minutes apart. But, I was still somewhat in denial so I decided to wait a little while, because the contractions were not painful at all.

Around an hour later, around 8:00p, I called the hospital. Doctor called me back and said to go ahead and come in, even if they send me back home, because it's better to be safe than sorry. Contractions were still not painful.

We arrange childcare for DD, and we get to the hospital around 9:15p. I was fully expecting them to send me back home, because I was not hurting at all. I even felt a little foolish and was almost apologetic to the nurses because they were very busy that night.

Triage nurse hooks me up to monitors and says that she will just watch me for 2 hours. While laying there, contractions start to get painful. Nurse comes in and says she wants to check me-- I'm still at a 4. Humph. At this point, I'm confused, but the nurse says she wants to talk to the doctor. [Let me pause here and say that this nurse was awesome. She later told me that she's been a L&D nurse for 40 years, is semi-retired, and only works one night a week. I was SO VERY thankful that I was lucky enough to get assigned to her. She was awesome every step of the way] Nurse talks to the doctor on call and tells her "I really think she's in labor." Doctor says, "Ok, if you think so, then we'll go ahead an admit her." I think the doctor knew that if her 40-year veteran nurse tells her something, she should listen. Stick out tongue After talking to the doctor, the nurse checks me again, and voila! I was at a 5. Yay!

Around 9:15p, I was admitted and immediately given an epidural. Anesthesiologist was great... nurses were great.... I was very happy with everything.

Epidural kicks in and I feel great for about 2 hours.... and then I'm hurting in my pelvis. OMG.... it's getting really intense down there. Pressure, pain, just general "CRAP this hurts". Peggy, the nurse, cranks up the epidural meds a little. Doesn't really help.

Around 3:15, I am in agony. I give HUGE kudos and props to you natural labor chicks, because I was miserable and that was with the epidural working on my back and tummy. I can't imagine having the pain and pressure in my vagina in addition to back and tummy pain. Hats off to ya.

I get checked and Peggy tells me I'm ready! They go get the doctor, who is just next door, and I REALLY want to push. I really, really, really want to push, and they are telling me I can't yet because the doctor isn't ready yet. Um tough crap ladies, I need to push RIGHT NOW. I do my best not to push but I really can't. They're telling me to relax my legs and I feel like I can't. It sucked.

FInally they tell me I can push and in less than 5 minutes, Liam Prentice was born at 3:23 am.

8lbs, 9oz, 21inches long. He's healthy, strong, with copper hair and blue eyes-- perfect Irish baby for March.


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