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My son is almost 14 months, I have been weaning him slowly. Any idea's on how to get him to drink regular milk and wean him off completely.  Just found out I'm pregnant and I'm really sore. Any idea's is greatly appreciated.




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  • LOL I was in the same boat, except I got pregnant right after weaning.  But I weaned at 14 months as well.

    I dropped down to just two feedings (morning and night) and then dropped the morning one. I just had my DH wake her up one day and have cow's milk all ready to go with 'breakfast' and just stayed away until she ate.  She didn't seem to miss that feeding much.

    The bedtime feeding was HARD.  She refused to go to bed several times without nursing first.  Eventually I again just had to leave and let DH put her to bed. The next night I just said "boobie all gone' and we had a sippy cup of milk before bed instead, and she reluctantly accepted that.  By the 3rd night she seemed fine.

    I'll warn you I was SUPER emotional after weaning, almost like post-partum hormones all over again. So just be aware of that.

    Good luck! 

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