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how long to replenish?

I'm trying to pump regularly after feedings to increase my supply and to have a little backup in case the babies are extra hungry after a feeding (sometimes happens in the evenings)

Trouble is sometimes if I need to do something (eat or take a shower etc) and I think they're gonna wait 3 hours to eat I'll do what I need to do then pump and they'll surprise me by wanting to eat in 2 hours... and then I feel like I have zero milk to give them.

I'm really not sure if this is true or not... how long does it take for the milk to replenish itself?  If I finish pumping and 1/2 hour later they want to eat again are they not getting anything? 


Re: how long to replenish?

  • I think it starts replenishing immediately. You might not get quite as much milk 2 hours later, but you'll still get a good amount.
  • Ditto PP.  It starts replinishing immediately.  I remember when DS was going through growth spurts in the first few months, I'd nurse on one side, switch sides, then switch sides again. 
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  • Yep, it happens very quickly. You may not have as much, but there is always 'something' in there for them to get. Plus all that demand will help boost your supply.
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  • Check out  Great info on there.  Basically it explains that the breasts are never truly "empty."  Also, the more often you empty, the faster they will replenish.  So if you are trying to build your supply, them eating more often will definitely do that and they won't ever starve.  Good luck!
  • That picture of them is gorgeous!

    Agreed with pp--it starts replenishing immediately.  Especially in the morning, I find. 

    I don't know if it would work with twins (if they're both eating at once), but on the occasions where DS has been hungry shortly after I've pumped, I switch sides a lot while he's eating and he always seems to get enough to be satisfied.

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