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Days leading up to IUI...what to check

I was reading the post at the top of the board full of information for newbies, and I have a question about one of the paragraphs.  Under IUI's it states:

Most IUI's are done in conjunction with oral or injectable stims.  Monitoring is required on Cycle day 3 (blood work and ultra sound check for cysts) and again on Cycle day 12 (ultra sound to check the progress of follicle growth).  When you doctor determines your follicles are ready, a shot will be given to trigger ovulation approx 36 hours following.

My question is this:  Is the monitoring on days 3 & 12 done only if you're taking clomid?  Or is that monitoring done prior to an IUI even if you're not taking any meds?

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Re: Days leading up to IUI...what to check

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    IMO you shouldn't be doing ANY IUI without monitoring, regardless of meds or no meds.

    How in the world can you guarantee (with a decent amount of accuracy) that you're about to ovulate in order to time the IUI correctly unless you have an ultrasound to tell? Sure you can use OPKs, but those can be really inaccurate or downright wrong - and if you're spending hundreds of dollars on an IUI, I would like my chances to be good that we've at least picked the right day to try it.


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    You should be monitored even if you are doing a "natural" cycle. Like PP said, the doctor needs to make sure you're ovulating and the timing is right - so therefore they need to look at your follies by using ultrasound. Some doctors don't do ultrasounds *exactly* on CD 3 and 12. But most like a "baseline" u/s (one at the very beginning) to check for cysts, see what the lining is, etc and then another one around CD 10-12 to check out how big the follies are.
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    If the problem is determined to be only severe MFI or azoo, and you're doing IUI with donor sperm, then I could see no monitoring needed. That's basically the only scenario where it wouldn't be monitored.

    Medicated IUIs have a much better success rate than unmedicated, so natural IUIs are not that common. For mild MFI ladies, a natural IUI (one follie) has a 8% success rate, while medicated (2+ follies) is 15%. 

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    i agree with this. I did 6 unmedicated/unmonitored IUIs (just relying on OPKs) b/c we were using donor sperm and had no "reason" (hahaha) to think i had any IF issues. but in retrospect i wish i would have done monitored cycles from the beginning. it would be nice to know what was going on - esp since my last 3 IUIs were monitored and revealed that i was definitely under-responding with no meds.

    so i agree w/ the girls - push for monitoring on CD3 to check for cysts/etc & CD12 to see what those follies are doing. The extra money sucks (they really push up the price for a IUI cycle) for those who are OOP but in the long run it will be worth it.


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    Thank you very much for this information.  I'm e-mailing my doctor right now.
    DH Vasectomy reversal 06/28/11; Started TTC July 2011; FSH test = normal; Progesterone = normal; Semen analysis shows low count, low morph, and low motility....HSG planned for April followed by IUI image
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