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Birth Sotry - She's here!!!

Our little princess was born on February 13th, 2012 at 11:02pm. 6lbs 9oz and 17 ? inches.


LO was due on Feb 2nd but didn?t want to come out then. So we were scheduled for an induction for February 12th. DH and I went into the hospital Sunday night to get everything started. I was supposed to be induced at 7:30pm but wasn?t until sometime around 10:00pm. I was checked and was 1cm and 80% effaced. (finally I thought! Nothing has been happening until today!) They inserted a cooks catheter and we waited. Contractions started coming right away and I immediately knew that when everyone said I would KNOW what labor/contractions would feel like, they were right! I couldn?t sleep through them so the nurse gave me some nubane. Around 7:00-8:00am the next morning they came in to take out the cooks catheter and I was 4 cm and 100% effaced. They stared the pitocin right away and the contractions got totally worse! By 2:00pm my Dr. came by to check me. Her intention was to break my water but when she checked me, she said that the baby was floating and if she broke my water then there was a chance the umbilical cord would start to come out and I would end up having an emergency c-section. So she said she wanted me to stay on pitocin until 4:00pm and then stop it and restart it in the morning so I could get some rest. She also gave me the option of having a c-section then but we declined?I really wanted to have a vaginal birth and DH was on board with whatever I wanted.


So, the Dr. left. Contractions kept getting worse and worse. DH and I were very hopeful that there was progress being made. So at 4:00pm the nurse turned the pitocin off and I asked her to check me. There was no change. She left and from 4:00pm to 6:00pm?OH MY GOODNESS!!! The pain was so intense. I was having really bad contractions on my own. I called the nurse and asked her to check me again?it was still the same! 4cm! I talked to DH for a little while and since the baby?s head was so far up and not coming down at all, and there was no progress being made at all, that we should go for the c-section and not wait to start the whole induction over again on Tuesday. He agreed. DH couldn?t stand seeing me in so much pain. Also, the nurse said she couldn?t get me an epidural because I wasn?t far enough along. So the nurse called my Dr. and told her we want to have a c-section. She said ok and told the nurse to get an OR for a.s.a.p. We were hopeful that it would be soon but the next available slot was for 10:00pm and it was 6:00pm then. Luckily, I was able to get some nubane again. (although this time it didn?t do so much for me) But it did make me really drowsy. :-/


9:30pm comes around and the anesthesiologist comes in to look at my veins. Well, since mine were hard to find due to swelling?they said they would need to put a second one in incase of an emergency during surgery. Well, the nurse tried twice, no luck. Anesthesiologist tried twice, no luck?so she said she?ll let the head anesthesiologist do it in the OR. After finding veins, they would roll when the needle went in.


So I get wheeled to the OR and the anesthesiologist starts looking for my veins in my upper arm with an ultrasound machine. He finds one, pokes me with a numbing shot which hurt more than the IV needle and then the vein rolls! ARG! So he has to go and do the same thing on the other arm. Thank G-d he gets it in! This all took over 30 minutes and the whole time my Dr. stayed with me, holding my hand talking to me. She was so amazing.

After the IV went in, they put the spinal in, DH was finally able to come in and then we were ready to begin. LO was taken out at 11:02pm and the Dr. told us then that it was really the best choice we made to have the c-section because there was no way LO would have made it down and we would have wound up in the OR the next day after trying the induction again.


LO is just over 2 weeks old now and doing wonderful. She is so perfect! Thank you to all the bumpies for all your support throughout my pregnancy!

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