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My 10 yr old daughter and her hormones UGH

My daughter is 10 and she has begun her menstrual cycle..and we all know the joys of the hormonal changes that come along with that. But I have to say that the attitude my daughter has just makes me cringe to the point of locking her in her room during her cycle! Shes just downright mean to her little brother too, I have talked to her about her mood swings and how she needs to try and keep them on a leash lol but she lets them get the best of her. I just can't believe my only girl is going through this and getting boobs too omg its just too soon!!
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Re: My 10 yr old daughter and her hormones UGH

  • 10???  Good god!  I was 14.  I am so not ready for that.  Good luck!!  I am sure that is hard dealing with the emotions of it all.  I have 3 girls so hopefully I will figure it all out.image
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  • Yikes! But, perhaps quiet time in her room is something she may need while her hormones are going haywire. I'm so not looking forward to what you and your DD are going through; my DD is 8 and is anticipated to hit puberty early as well. GL to you!
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  • Yuck, I hear you on that! The hormones are here, the period probably won't be far behind. I was 11, and based off where T's at, she won't be far behind. The PMS is killing me - at least she recognizes that she's freaking out and goes to her room. Maybe suggest that to your dd?

  • Ugh -- that's tough because in so many ways the brain of a 10 y/o is still a child's brain -- but then it gets flooded with all these hormones -- what a drag!

    I think structure is the answer.  When I feel oversensitive or cranky because of PMS, I still have to play by the rules, right?  I'm still accountable for my behavior.  I don't get a free pass to spin out of control.  Validating her feelings and helping her find an outlet for them in a way that doesn't affect others will really help her.   Holding her accountable for her behavior -- but with sympathy -- will be important.

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  • My SD is 11 and also got her period at 10.  She now rolls her eyes and gets frustrated with everything very fast.  She doesn't take any responsibility for her actions.  I'm stepmom so she rolls her eyes at me a lot and them the next second she's giving me big hugs and laughing with me.  It's crazy!  But, I bet she'll never roll her eyes again at her dad. Big Smile
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  • My daughter is 10, too. She just started getting breasts. Her dr said she'll likely start her period when she's 12. We've noticed mood changes already. My daughter even said, "I don't know why I acted like that." Another time, she said, "I don't know why I was so rude. If I were you, I would have left the room."

    When you say that your daughter acts mean to her little brother, is it because she's annoyed? 

    I think it must be difficult for kids so young to understand why they feel differently. Have you gotten your daughter the American Girl books? They have several available at amazon, B&N, and other book stores. One is "The Care and Keeping of You" which describes puberty in terms a 10 year old can understand. Another one is "Feelings".

    I wish more people with 10-12 year olds would post. There is so much shared advice for moms with babies and little kids. We need more input for this stage of life.

    Please pass along any advice.


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  • I started mine about a month before I turned 9 (so, yes, I was 8!!) crazy I know- but I do have a hormone imbalance and that contributed to it (mom took me to Dr because how young I was, she was 16 when she had gotten hers)

    I apparently, from stories my parents now have told me, was a complete and major B! Which I haven't totally gotten under control even now.

    But I wish my parents would have gotten me more help with controling my emotions. Like some therapy or something. Some sort of directed 'lessons' of how to express and control my emotions. I didn't know this at that time, its only now as an adult I look back and think 'hey, that could have helped me" i.e. talking to someone like a therapist- someone who wasn't them.


  • imageSurfinbride:

    When you say that your daughter acts mean to her little brother, is it because she's annoyed? 


    Well she's annoyed with her lil brother for the most part. He's just one of those lil brothers whom his sisters friends are drawn to because hes charming and he will let them all paint his toenails haha But really, I try to give her her own time and space, she has her own room obviously..she's my only girl and I try to do special things just with her so she knows she still means alot to me because her brother takes up alot of my time ( I think he's adhd ). She is angry at a couple things, we left their father (was abusive for 13 yrs), we've moved 3 times in 2 yrs, she misses our old house and she especially misses her father. She sees him but maybe once every 3 months. I have a new hubby which she gets along with very well and we're having a baby but I know it bothers her to see me with someone else, it must remind her of us all being a family not so long ago. Shes a girl and us girls tend to hold things in sometimes because we don't want to upset the ones we love..soo that being all said, she has some anger and disappointment to deal with and when her cycle comes around it's just the icing on the cake!!

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