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what natural product are you using for diaper rash?

i was using aquaphor most of the time in between changes but just read that petroleum has been linked w/cancer. i've also been using motherlove when my dd has an actual rash but i'm looking for something thicker to apply in between diaper changes.

what do you use? 

Re: what natural product are you using for diaper rash?

  • Cj's butter which I buy at jackbenatural.com. I love the consistency and it can be used for everything skin related, from chapped lips for mom to diaper rash for baby. It is also cloth diaper safe.
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  • I obviously have no personal experience, but we plan on using CJ Butters as well.  I've heard great things about it and love that it has a variety of uses.

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  • There was a post on here (or maybe in the breastfeeding group) about using breastmilk to combat diaper rash.  One poster said she swears by it and uses it for everything.  I think she dips a cotton pad or ball into a small bowl of bmilk and wipes it all over LO's bottom and then lets it air dry.  It doesn't get more natural than that!

    I personally have never tried it, but it has been in the back of my mind since I read the post. 

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  • tea baths.  They work awesome!

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  • coconut oil or grapefruit seed extract (10 drops mixed into water)
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  • ecosprout bottom balm
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  • I use Thirstie's Diaper Wipe Solution with cloth wipes and CJ's Butter with just about every change (we use cloth too). We're currently dealing with thrush so I'm opening up probiotics capsules and sprinkling them on DS's butt a few times a day to make sure nothing yeasty ends up down there. We also use cloth diapers.

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  • I use WaterWipes for my wipes. They contain 2 ingredients: Water and grapefruit seed extract. No chemicals means it doesn't sting or cause irritation. 
  • I don't apply anything between changes unless, on rare occasion, he looks a little red (when I use aquaphor, so I'm no help).  By only applying it if he looks a little red we have only had to use it once and the redness goes away.  In seven weeks I've only had to apply it three times.  Same with my first -- the only diaper rash she ever had was from antibiotics.  No need to apply with each diaper!  
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  • We have used motherlove products. Otherwise, the best thing for us has been to just let him air out completely during diaper changes before slipping on the new diaper. Prevention has been best!
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