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Long Distance "Skype" Baby Shower.

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Hi Ladies! Hubby is Army and we are stationed in Hawaii. My family is in Washington State and I am unable to fly home for a traditional shower. But, my mother and Aunt are insisting upon doing something, so they are wanting to do a Skype Shower. This would be for close family only, aunts, cousins, sisters, and both my grandmothers probably around 15-20 people. I am just wondering if anyone has any experience with doing a shower this way and if you have any ideas on what does or does not work. My mom is talking about having the family drop of any gifts they might want to send and then shipping them a few weeks before the "actual shower" so that I can open them on the webcam. I just don't know what else we would do when I am 2,000+ miles away so if any of you have done anything like this I would love to hear your thoughts so I can get them to my mom, or decide that I don't want the fuss before it's too late. Thought since most of us have experience moving around there might be more ladies who have done this or something like it. Again, any feedback or suggestions would be appriciated.  

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Re: Long Distance "Skype" Baby Shower.

  • A friend of mine did it. She is stationed in ND and from NC. Her family sent all the gifts and she opened them on skype. She said it worked out really well. If your family orders online they could have it shipped directly to you. If not, I'd suggest consodliating smaller gifts and putting them into large flat rate boxes, it should be less expensive that way.


    CJ 05/29/2013

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  • Thanks so much for the input! 
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  • I did a Skype baby shower, I thought it went pretty well. I'm originally from Washington too! All the way down in Florida right now. As for gifts, some people had them sent to us from online ordering, others gave them to my mom who sent them to me. But yes, open them on camera, it makes it so much more fun. We had maybe a dozen people, visited while they ate some snacks before gifts, and even played a few shower games. Baby Bingo was a big hit. Make sure and do a few test runs with Skype: getting the camera in position, making sure you can hear each other from where you will be sitting, all sorts of things like that.
  • on another note your husband looks so familiar ....

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  • I had one.  I was on bed rest for my shower back in St Louis.  I watched from my hospital bed as my family and friends had a blast.  

    They wrapped the presents there and played some games, ate, etc.  I was fiercely jealous that I couldn't be there, but there was just no way.  In other words, its absolutely doable.  My mom shipped all the presents to us that week and brought the big stuff with her when she came to visit the twins.  Not sure if that's possible since you're over sea's, but surely everything can be shipped.  You could also ask them to have the store ship the gifts.  


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  • Thanks for the info ladies I really enjoy hearing that I am not the only one! I wish I could make it home but it's just not in the cards for us. 
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