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My son is only 6 days old and my milk just came in yesterday.  He had lost about  pound so the dr said that we needed to also give him formula after nursing.  I had a tough time getting him to latch after the bottles.  He now does latch but it takes a little bit to get him to latch.  He mostly goes to sleep after just a few sucks I do everything to keep him awake.  I feel like he is not getting enough and I am starving him.  Does anybody have any ideas to help me?  I want to keep bf and not go to formula.  How can I know if he is getting enough when he is nursing?  How can I keep him awake?
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  • All newborns fall asleep while nursing.  You can get him less comfy by removing some of his clothes, talking to him, massaging your breast so the milk is flowing and he needs to swallow.  I never could keep DD awake.  I just kept her at the breast constantly while she was little.  I would park yourself on the couch for the few days and just let him nurse and sleep and nurse and sleep and see if he's getting enough at that point.  
  • My son is a sleepy nurser too (even my LC says so!).  It's frustrating to have 1hr long feeding sessions day after day, and especially at night, but I keep him there to make sure he's getting enough.  To try and keep him awake, he nurses with only a diaper on, I tickle his feet, I run a cold wash cloth over his face and body, I blow on his face, I do breast compressions as soon as he latches to push as much milk into him while he's awake, and I sometimes de-latch to burp or change his diaper. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I keep careful count of wet and poopy diapers to make sure he's getting enough milk.
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  • You also have the option to pump and feed after if you are against formula.  I wish someone had told me that the first time around.
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  • This. Also instead of a bottle, you could use the finger feeding method so LO doesn't get use to the bottle over the breast. This unfortunately happened with my DD and now she refuses to latch. :(
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