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Maclaren Liquidation Bankruptcy?

I haven't seen anything about this on The Bump, but apparently Maclaren filed for Ch7 bankruptcy with liquidation in December 2011. I had no idea about the recalls and safety problems the company has been having with it's strollers. I was planning on buying one at some point, now I will have to search out another lightweight umbrella style stroller :-(. Does anyone here know anything about this or had similar troubles with your Maclaren stroller?

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Re: Maclaren Liquidation Bankruptcy?

  • I do not know anything about this, but love our Chicco Lite stroller.
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  • Someone posted a link about this all a few days ago. I think you'll still be fine as they are still filling orders for suppliers, it sounds like it's only certain parts of the entire company, like sub-entities.
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  • Love our Chico lite!
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  • If you read through the whole article you'd see it was Maclaren USA that has filed for bankruptcy.  Most Maclaren strollers being sold today are Maclaren NA which is part of Maclaren  Europe LTD.  So the Connecticut based part of the company is going under and it looks like they planned it that way- if you notice how the creditors are linked to Maclaren USA it looks to be premeditated. 

    As for what will happen with the brand overall it's hard to say.  I know many people who have Maclarens and love them.  And since you can still buy them I'm thinking they've redesigned the problem with the hinge.  

    I say when ever buying a stroller do your homework and check them out in a store to be sure it's what you want.  Also trying it out hands on will allow you to see if the joints/hinges will be a problem.  

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  • I love my Maclaren!  The recall was several years ago and have since fixed the issue.
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  • The recall was 2 years ago and was since fixed, but they are dealing with lawsuits from the incidents that occurred. Maclaren issued a statement that it was a distributor and not them directly. It just sounds like a bankruptcy carefully orchestrated to dodge the lawsuits.
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