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Self Feeding

My (almost) 10 month old will not feed herself... Not sure if this is something I should be worried about, but LO is not feeding herself puffs or yogurt melts or juice or water... She will hold her bottle while I'm holding her and after I put it in her mouth. She likes the puffs and melts when I put them in her mouth, but when put in front of her, she just plays with them then cries for me to put another one in her mouth. I may be going about this the wrong way.....


How did you go about transitioning your LOs to finger foods?

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Re: Self Feeding

  • I wouldn't worry... My 1 year old cousin, who comes to my house for "daycare" every day JUST started feeding himself recently. He would, of course, hold his juice cups. He hand no interest in picking up his food during lunch.

    About a month ago (he will be 2 in Aug.) he began grabbing for the spoon if he had anything needing a spoon. I think in his case all you can say is, "every child is different." Maybe your LO is ready to feed herself.

     GL :)

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  • mine wouldn't either and i just kept offering everyday since 7 months. he started to put his whole fist in his mouth, then started to bring my fingers that were holding the puff to his mouth to finally picking it up himself just this week
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  • d2bd2b member
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    Thanks! I will try that and see how it goes :)
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