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Pumping and Formula Feeding Questions?!

Hello everyone,


This is my first time posting, so I hope I am doing it in the correct spot!  I have a question about pumping and formula feeding.  Originally I wanted to do exclusive formula feeding, but after putting a lot of thought into it, I am leaning towards options of how I can also introduce breast milk to my baby.  I am thinking of pumping and formula feeding, so that the baby can have breast milk as well as formula.  I am just curious if anyone else has done this and their experiences with it.


I understand the benefits that breast feeding has for baby and mom, however, I am not interested in doing it, so please do not respond as to the benefits of doing that.





Re: Pumping and Formula Feeding Questions?!

  • I did it for the first 4 weeks but stopped because I won't be able to pump when I return to work. I did it for the health benefits for DS but had trouble ever getting a decent amount. Usually I could get about 1 oz out each breast each time I pumped. Pumping typically doesn't yield as much BM as a baby can nursing at the breast.

    It was worth it to me for the time that I did it and I'd definitely encourage you to do it for as long as you can. The health benefits are worth it! If you're not planning to do it long term I'd suggest renting a pump from your local hospital. They're the most efficient and cost effective if you won't be pumping long term.

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  • I guess one thing I can suggest is to find a schedule to promote consistent milk production. Particularly since it sounds like it won't be your primary food source, you'll still need to be regular to keep it coming in.
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  • I primarily formula fed and pumped after having difficulty with breastfeeding.  I only lasted about 6 weeks.  The LC said that to get my supply up I needed to pump a minimum of every two hours and make sure I was emptying, but I never really was able to establish a significant supply.  So DS was only getting maybe one feeding of breast milk a day.  It was a lot of work for such a small amount, but I'm still glad I did it.  I figured even if he was only getting a little bit, it still benefited him.  The LC also suggested some herbal remedies to help increase my supply.  I tried Fenugreek, but it didn't really work for me.  She also suggested steel cut oats and mother's milk tea.
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  • I tried to breastfeed, but Charlie was not maintaining his weight and we had to supplement- then there was no going back for him.  I now formula feed and pump a few times a day.  At first I was getting 4 ounces at a time and pumping 4 times a day. Now I pump 4 times a day and get 1-2 ounces at a time.  I put all the milk I pump into the fridge during the day. At night I see how many ounces I have and use that to decide how much formula I need. I use the Dr. brown formula pitcher and mix the formula and then add the breastmilk and make the bottles for the night.  If I have enough to make one whole bottle breastmilk I will do that- but I save it for the daytime, because if he takes the breastmilk only he is hungry 2 hours later versus 4-5 hours later with formula.Good luck!

  • I exclusively pumped for the first 3 months of DS's life, and now he gets some formula as well.  Pumping is hard.  I still pump 7x a day, and get just enough to cover his needs at home, while he gets formula at day care.  If you want to pump, get started right away after your milk comes in.  Pump every 2 hours (from start to start), and pump for at least 20 minutes.  Drink lots of water, make sure you eat enough too. 
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