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Weight gain/breathing concern (laryngomalacia)

My son is 4 weeks and had his well check today.  He isn't gaining weight like he should, only gained 2 oz in 8 days, the doctor wanted him to gain an oz a day.  Long story short, while we were there she noticed his breathing sounded strange.  (Which is super annoying bc at my last appointment I had to see another doctor and he assured me he was just a noisy breather.)  Long story short I am waiting to hear back from Children's Hospital for an appointment.  The doctor seems to think it is laryngomalacia.  I am obviously freaking out and on the verge of really losing it while I wait to hear from Children's with an appointment this week or next.

 Does anyone have any experience with this?

Re: Weight gain/breathing concern (laryngomalacia)

  • My son was diagnosed with this last week. We took him in because he was snoring high pitched (called stridor), sounding congested a lot and making gasping sounds. I FREAKED out but from what the doctor said and from what I have been reading its usually a benign condition that they grow out of (only like 1% need surgery to correct it and the surgery is supposed to be fairly easy). Although my LO is gaining fine, he does have some issues eating such as coughing/choking more frequently.We bottle feed so feeding him on an incline, making sure the formula/milk is pretty warm and making sure he has the slowest flow nipple possible (we found Born Free bottles work best for us) seems to be helping him, so maybe that would help your son.The condition makes it  harder for them to eat so going slow and perhaps feeding smaller amounts more frequently might work? Sometimes a lot in his bottle is just to much work for him.

    BTW if you are worried about him breathing and having trouble sleeping at night like I did , you can get the Snuza Halo or Snuza Go monitor. It clips onto their diaper and monitors their breathing and sounds an alert if they slow down or stop breathing. We used it last night and I was able to sleep without having one eye open so to speak.

    I know how scary it can be when anything is wrong with your LO. Just make sure to see an ENT, get lots of info and with some extra steps during feeding I a sure your LO will be fine! Feel free to PM me if you need to talk! 

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  • DD2 had horrible weight gain issues at 4wks and was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. She also had some stridor that her Dr wasn't too concerned with, and a heart murmer. While in the hospital they did tons of blood tests, a heart ultrasound, and consult with a GI DR for reflux. The stridor has almost completely gone away by 10wks, and since I switched to Enfamil AR she has been gaining wonderfully and shes on Prevacid for GERD. We'll be praying for you, that everything turns out well. Sounds to me like Pedi is just being thorough and you shouldn't worry too much. And I too HIGHLY recommend the Snuza, especially at night.
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  • My DD was diagnosed at 2 weeks with tracheaomalacia, very similar to laryngomalacia. My pedi explained that her case is harmless, but we'd need to more watchful for upper respiratory infections. He also told us to use saline, humidifer and it has helped a lot. I find nursing is easier because she. wilwill choke more on bottles. All cases are different, but I've heard a lot have reflux issues. Good luck, but as hard as it is, try not to read the Internet too much. It really can make it seem much worse. Good luck.

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