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Inviting coworkers

Is it appropriate to invite coworkers to a baby shower?  I don't want to exclude them but I also don't want it to seem like I am expecting them to buy me a gift.  I also have a feeling they might be planning a surprise baby shower at the office for me.  What do most people do?
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Re: Inviting coworkers

  • I invited coworkers who I am friends with outside of the office (ie, have lunch with - text on weekends etc).

    The rest - I didn't tell I was having a shower. I didn't want anyone to feel hurt (I'm in a focal position - the whole office interacts with me).

    They ended up giving me a surprise shower, combined with birthdays and anniversaries at the end of one month. It was nice.

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  • Ditto USA. If your friends outside of work, invite them. If not, don't. And it's not all or none. 
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  • Ditto what PPs said.  We moved last spring (same company, just a different office/city), so I invited a few female coworkers that I'm friends with outside of work/still see when I'm back in town to visit family and friends to my shower back in our old town.  For my shower here, only one person from the office will be invited, and that's because she and DH were friends in college, are still friends, and we get together outside of work as well.
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  • image EastCoastBride:
    Ditto USA. If your friends outside of work, invite them. If not, don't. And it's not all or none. 

    Yep, this.

    One of my showers was a "work" shower but not at work.  One of the girls had it at her home.  Kind of funny because once she had the shower...we became really good friends (outside of work). 

  • You know, I really wrestled with this one but in the end I decided not to, for several reasons:

    One, it was a ladies-only shower, and I only have two female co-workers in my office of 7 people, so it didn't seem fair.

    Two, the whole staff had already chipped in and bought me a stroller/carseat combo the week before my shower and I didn't think it seemed right to make the ladies feel obligated to buy me yet another gift.

    Three, I don't hang out with them outside of work, so it seemed a bit "gift-grabby" to me to invite people I don't actually spend social time with.


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