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Question about clomid

Hello ladies has anyone done a clomid challenge test? I am scheduled to do this next month and I am curious what it involves I know I will be speaking to my RE nurse about it but I know nothing about clomid this would be my first time using it. I will also be directing this question to other boards too.


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Re: Question about clomid

  • I did one. You get your FSH and E2 tested on Day 3, take clomid Days 5-9 (I think) and get your FSH and E2 tested again on Day 10. To "pass" the test, your FSH should be below 10 on both test days.

    I failed mine, but my RE could see that I responded, and actually offered to do an IUI based on my E2 levels. It was the one and only time I've taken clomid.

    Good luck.

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  • What made you fail MTLaurel; the higher FSH? Are they expecting it to be affected by the clomid? My FSH was 15.2 on my first test on day 3- so we are seeing an RE tomorrow...I'd rather not do the clomid test, but I'm not sure what it tells you...
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