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Video monitor and breast pumps?

Which ones are best? I don't want to register for anything too expensive.  My husband scanned a $299.99 video monitor and put it on our registry and I was like no way!! We didn't get many gifts for our wedding and ended up buying almost everything ourselves so I am worried we will end doing the same thing with baby stuff. So is a video monitor even necessary? How about a breast pump? I will be home with baby for 3 months, possibly longer if I can.
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Re: Video monitor and breast pumps?

  • call your insurance company to see if they will cover a breast pump. Mine will if purchased from a home medical supply/equipment retailer.

    From what I've read, video monitors are nice to have, especially with a large home, but definitely not a necessity. We have a small house, and I still want one but I don't know if I'll fork over the money for the video function. It's up to you. I like the idea of being able to be outside in the yard or on the porch and being able to see LO instead of running inside everytime he makes noise.

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  • I just got the cheapest video monitor at the time I registered (a Summer Infant handheld video monitor that was $179) and it is a lifesaver.  Yes, there are many cooler ones out there that do panning, etc... but when it comes down to it I wanted to be able to hear and see baby first and foremost and this allows me to do so.  I still use it everyday.  We live in a very small home, but having this is great because if he is fussing I can see if he is still laying down and gonna fall back asleep or if he is standing and ready to get up.
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  • If you are going back to work I highly suggest getting a double electric pump and a Simple Wishes pumping bra to make it hands free.
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