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Another short cervix post ~

  I had my 28 week appointment on Monday and my cervix measured a 2.0cm . What I don't undertand is if my doctor is doing the right thing by pretty much not doing anything. My baby is measuring very big for this far along, 4lbs, which could be why my cervix is shortening early. But she isn't going to get smaller so it would seem to me that my cercix is only going to continue to shorten and that would lead to preterm labor at some point.
Am I wrong? Has anyone else had any experience with a short cervix? 

I had the FFN done and that came back negative, so for now we are just taking it every 2 weeks at a time. In 2 weeks I have another cervix check, and 2 weeks after that I have anothe FFN and start non stress test. So at this point I am comfortable with going forward that way, I just wish I understood more about what to expect, like how quickly my cervix might change.

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Re: Another short cervix post ~

  • The cervix is very dynamic and can change pretty quickly. With my last pregnancy I went from 5 cm long to 5 cm dilated in 2 weeks time. I never knew I was dilated at all. I don't write this to scare you but I never had heard of incompetent cervix before my experience. 

    To get the most accurate measurement, you should have a trans-vaginal u/s done. I've had mine measured weekly since 18 weeks. At 28 weeks my cervix was down to 1.6 with funneling. The following week it was back up to 3.5 and this week back down to 1.5. I think bed rest has helped tremendously to preserve what length I have left along with my cerclage. Have they monitored you for contrax? We did monitoring while I was in the hospital and I was having a lot that I never felt. Needless to say I ended up on procardia and it has made a big difference. 

     Good luck and take it easy momma! You will make it :) 

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  • The unfortunate reality is there isn't much that can be done at this point - you are past the point of a cerclage, which means the options are pretty much wait and see.  Bedrest is one option, but to be fair, it hasn't been statistically proven to help short cervix (the idea is usually that it can't hurt and there is a logic to keeping pressure from gravity off the cervix - but the costs of bedrest are sometimes too high).  Progesterone supplementation may be helpful, but again, it's not necessarily shown to help.

    Basically, waiting and watching is all that can be done.  There is no way to know how quickly your cervix may change - it's just different from woman to woman.  Much like in regular pregnancy, you could hold at 2 cm until 41 weeks or you could precipitously shorten to the point of imminent delivery next week.

    I am not sure why they are only monitoring every two weeks, so that is one thing I might ask about.  There could be a completely logical, solid answer, but most folks I know in this situation are monitored weekly.

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