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3rd csection in 3 years, placentia previa

Im having my 3rd baby this summer & was told I was a high risk pregnancy bc its my 3rd csection in last 3 years. Also I had mild placentia previa last pregnancy & it moved up so no problem. Now the doc is saying if I have placentia previa again it could attached to my scar tissue & I would become major high risk..she would hazve to take my entire uterus out to deliver baby..im a little freaked out, I have 10 weeks until my ultrasound where I will found out if I have placentia previa again. .does anybody here have experience with this?

Re: 3rd csection in 3 years, placentia previa

  • No but I'm not too far off from you and my OB and MFM have never mentioned any of what you said to me.  I had a c/s in July 09, Sept 10 and will God willing have my 3rd August 12.  I've personally been worried about previa but I worry about everything and I have placenta issues.  Hopefully everything will be fine!  Don't worry till there is something to worry about and if it comes down to it, get yourself a MFM.
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  • No experience but it sounds like the issue your OB mentioned would be placenta accreta. Someone recently posted about it and I commented on that one. I dont believe that has anything to do with how close your c sections are though. And I don't think you are considered at risk for that until your 4th or 5th c section. I definitely wouldn't worry about that until you had a reason to! Just think how many people have sections close together and are fine. 


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