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had IVF consult today and feeling super overwhelmed.

we went over everyyyy detail about what is going to happen-- it took 1.5 hours!   and i am STILL waiting to get official approval from my insurance. they are dragging their feet and making me worry!

 if they say no i have to do another round of injects which i will freak out about. i am feeling somewhat prepared for IVF (Including having done the mock transfer AND shg in preparation!) that i just want to get this over with.   but now i am worried about OHSS too! ughhhhh.

 as i am sure most of you can relate,  i feel like day to day my feelings change. some days i am like "YES ivf is hte best choice!"  and other days i think i am  making a huge mistake and moving too fast with too invasive a route.  ughhhhh


Re: had IVF consult today and feeling super overwhelmed.

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    I don't have any experience with IVF but I just wanted to say good luck. I think IF makes us second guess everything so being confused about the best route to take is completely normal.
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    I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed.  We took a 3 month break after deciding to move on to IVF and that gave me time to adjust to the idea.  It's all so much to deal with.

    I'm sure once you've processed everything you'll feel more confident with your decision.  Good luck!

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    it sounds like it's been a whirlwind from your posts so i can imagine what it's like living through it. But sounds like you are still being diligent in your options and choices -- GL the rest goes smoothly!
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    I am not quite there yet but can imagine how overwhelming that must be.... I'll be thinking of you and hoping all goes very smoothly if you decide to proceed! Hang in there!!!
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    It is overwhelming. When i found out we needed IVF in Nov, we took a long break to prepare, mentally. We also used that time to have a lap and we timed the procedure over my time off from work because we werent in a hurry at that time. In hindsight, I wish I didnt wait so long. We took a small break between IVFs and a longer break this time because of various other complications. But i agree that it is a lot to deal with and take in and your emotions will vary day to day, minute to minute. But thats what we are here for. Please PM me if you ever want to talk. I know how overwhelming it is, but take it one day at a time. GL!
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    I have my consult on Tuesday for IVF. I haven't even had the consult yet to answer all the questions we have, but with the research I've done, I definitely feel the same way with going back and forth on thinking it's the best choice and moving too fast...  I have no idea how I'll feel after Tuesday, but I just know when I think about it I get so overwhelmed. T&P's for you as you continue to move forward! 
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