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BFing while TTC and While pg

Okay - those of you have done it - talk to me about BFing while TTC and BFing during the early months of pregnancy.  We aren't TTC until May, but I want to BF my current little guy for as long as I can.  I don't want to go any less than a year for sure!!


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Re: BFing while TTC and While pg

  • Being pregnant caused an immediate and noticeable drop in my supply. I got pregnant right at a year. I continued to nurse my DD morning and night for another two months and weaned her at 14 months. There was also noticeably more nipple sensitivity, so just know going in you may have to contend with that.

    I will say that being pregnant made weaning super easy (physically). I never felt engorged or anything, so yay for that!

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  • We weren't really TTC but ended up pregnant while I was nursing my DS.  I got pregnant when DS was 17 months old.  My supply dropped within the first trimester, I went from always being able to hand express some milk to maybe getting on drop out.   During my second trimester I couldn't even hand express any milk, though DS still continued to nurse.  Nursing sessions tended to be shorter during that trimester.  This whole time I would still get a feeling of needing to nurse if he skipped a regular nursing session.     I'm 27 weeks now and my colustrum is in.   DS is still nursing and seems to go for longer right now that he was per session.   My breast are just now starting to get uncomfortable when he nurses but not painful. 

    Emotionally I've been okay with him nursing so far, but I'm starting to get more annoyed with the prolonged nursing sessions lately.  I haven't read it but I've heard several people recommend Adventures in Tandem Nursing.

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  • I'm not TTC yet, but we'll start considering it around the time DS is one. I'm reading "Adventures in Tandem Nursing", which covers nursing through pregnancy and nursing two together. I'm not sure it's for me (and the book is pretty upfront about the fact that it's not for everyone), but it's been really informative. I'm just getting into the health/science part of the book. My library had a copy. Smile
  • I got PG just before DD's 3rd bday. I normally have nipple pain during ovulation and it just got worse and worse till about 8w. She says my supply hasn't changed but I'm only 10w so we'll see.
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