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5 week old with constipation

If any of your LO's have had bad constipation problems, how did you get them regular?

We had to switch to a soy formula which is backing up my LO. Pediatrician told me to give him a little prune juice, but no matter how little I put in one of his bottles, he throws most of it up. If anything stays it gives him an upset belly. Anyone actually USE any other methods that don't cause dependence (ie rectal stimulation, suppositories, etc)

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Re: 5 week old with constipation

  • Q-Tip with vaseline on the end and massage LO's rectum also you could insert about 1/4 of an inch if your comfortable. Take cover there might be an explosion;)
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  • My pediatrician told us to put 1tsp of Karo syrup in his bottle. . I also heard other moms suggest apple juice, bicycling the legs in a warm soappy bath as well.
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  • Dark Karo Syrup works WONDERS! DD2 is on Enfamil AR and has horrible constipation. Pedi told me to put 1/2tsp in each bottle (I only put it in 4 out of 7 bottles) and it has helped a lot. Call your Pedi and ask about it and how much/how often to give it to LO. DD2 wouldn't drink prune juice either.
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