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XP: Thoughts on Uppa Baby Vista

So, a girl I work with has an Uppa Baby Vista that she is wanting to sell. She's asking $200, but I think would go lower since she has no use for it. It's a 2009.

My question is, we had originally registered for the baby jogger city elite because we're really wanting a sturdy jogging/all terrain stroller, but it's so expensive I'm not sure we'll get it. We also wanted the snap and go stroller for the beginning with the car seat. So, this would eliminate the need for that.

Is it worth the, let's say I get it for $150, for a used stroller? She said it's in great condition. Is it sturdy enough for daily walks around the sometimes off-road like conditions in the neighborhood? If we got the City Elite as a gift, would you keep both? One for city errands and the other for walking/jogging?

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Re: XP: Thoughts on Uppa Baby Vista

  • We are using the UBV 2011 as our only stroller, we think it will fit almost any need we have.
  • $200 would be an exceptional value, let alone $150. I say go for it!
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  • I have the Vista and I adore it. I paid full price and it's definitely worth it. At $150 or even $200 you're practically stealing it from her. I would snatch it up! You can get a car seat adapter for your brand. The bassinet is also so convenient for LO to sleep in around the house.
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  • I would say get it.  I have one...the 2010 model and I'm getting ready to list it on Craig's list but for more than that.  The only drawback and reason I'm getting rid of it is if you have a 2nd kid and need a double stroller.  The rumba seat that attaches for the toddler is only rear facing which I feel is really lame.  DS has been facing forward for more than a year and now I'm giong to expect him to look at me or the bottom of his sister's car seat???  So, I'm shopping for a used City Select Double where they can both face forward.  So if there's no worries about a 2nd kid needing a seat, it's the BEST STROLLER ever.
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