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Thyroid Mom's - how is breastfeeding going?

Just curious. DD isn't here yet, but I was really curious about how breastfeeding is going. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid when DD #1 turned 5 months old. All of a sudden I was unable to pump and had a few other symptoms. My dose is pretty high, but it's totally under control. I relaly hope I can breastfeed this baby for a few months at least.
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Re: Thyroid Mom's - how is breastfeeding going?

  • I have hypothyroidism as well but am no longer on any hormonal medication. I had some other complications that inhibited my milk production, not sure if they thyroid problem was one of them, and I struggled for a while but was able to get my supply up by pumping, drinking lots of fluids, taking fenugreek and drinking mother's milk tea. I would suggest talking to an LC in the hospital or even giving LOs pediatrician a call, they might have good advice for you. Good luck!
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  • I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease at 18 and under went radiation making my thyroid hypo. I have been controling my levels with medication for the last 8 years. I managed my thyroid well during pregnancy. My LO is 2 weeks old and my milk production is fantastic! I am in touch with my endo. and am having my levels checked regularly. I am also listening to my body. After 8 years of thyroid fun, I can tell when my levels move. I have found that as long as my meds are right my breast milk is doing well. Good Luck!
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  • I'm hypo and PP I ended up going hyper so had to adjust my dosage.  I'm still pretty low supply but I think it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I never was really able to establish my supply in the first place (DS was in the PICU for his first week then when he was released we weren't allowed to use the swing or bouncer for his first month or so which translated into not being really able to put him down for long enough for me to pump...)  I'm due to go back in for a check in a few weeks...
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