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Amazon Mom - still worth it?

I finally got an invite INTO Amazon Mom.

Currently I have a free (via parents) prime shipping. So I never pay for Amazon shipping already.

Is it worth paying $79 to have my own Prime membership?  The discount now is 15% for Amazon Mom + 5% (for a total of 20%) subscribe and save.

I was just curious if it worth the $79 based on other places like (costco, etc) for diapers, etc.


Re: Amazon Mom - still worth it?

  • It really stinks they've changed their program.  I am now buying so much other non-baby stuff from Amazon now that they have to be making money, even if not on the baby stuff.  My Amazon Mom will expire in August and I've been thinking about stocking up while I still have my discount.  I guess it really depends on your brand preference.  We only use Pampers Swaddlers.  I just looked at Walmart prices (size 1) and compared that to my Amazon mom discount, and it does make sense to me based on the below math.  It's far enough above the fee that I don't think shopping around or other coupons would change the outcome. 

    Walmart - 0.201667/diaper, Amazon Mom - 0.161282/diaper

    Assuming an average of 10 diapers/day (I'm hoping I begin using less as she grows), then the savings are $147 for the year by using Amazon mom.  So this would be worth it for us.  Another option might be to get a membership with a neighbor, friend or close family member, then you could split the cost and would just need to either reimburse them as you order or whatever. 


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  • I've found that can rival amazon in prices if you buy in bulk (over $50 is free shipping and $5 off per case). But it depends on the seller on amazon - sometimes you can get great deals, sometimes the prices are pretty average.
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  • FYI - there is an article in this blog ( That discusses the price benefits of Amazon Mom.
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  • I didn't realize that you had to pay for shipping for subscribe and save items through Amazon Mom?  My subscription is older but I get free shipping.  My prime membership trial expired a long time ago and I never bought one.

    Edit: I just went and looked and the reason I get free shipping is just because the box I buy is over $25 worth.  I'm definitely going to look at and see if I can get a better deal.

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  • Amazon Mom  made me mad with their whole waiting list sign up /non-responsiveness to questions on facebook so I did some research and found that diapers,com is a pretty sweet deal. They are cheaper than Walmart and Target and if you spend more than $49 you get free two day shipping. 

    They have really large package sizes too which is pretty nice. By the time you get diapers and wipes you are almost right there at the $49.

    The subscribe & save freaks me out on amazon because im worried that I'll forget to change the size and end up with a bunch of diapers that are too small. 

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  •  The best I have found for buying in bulk for diapers and formula.  They also sell lots of other baby stuff for really good prices.
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  • I don't think I would pay for the membership.  Luckily, I got in while it was still free and earned my year of free prime shipping.  The prices haven't been all that great lately.  The savings was minimal from the grocery store sale price this week.  I actually ordered from last night.  My diapers arrived TODAY.  Super fast.  Free shipping.  $10 off your first order and $5 off each case of diapers going forward.  Plus, they sent me a $10 coupon for their sister site with my order.  They are starting to look better than Amazon at this point.
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