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  • I check for high, med, low or hard, med, soft. But I can never tell if it's open or closed.
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  • I can only figure out high or low at this point. Most of the stuff I've read says that CP doesn't count for much so I gave up on it.

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  • i dont chart at all
  • Something about sticking my finger up there makes me squeamish, so I do not check it.
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  • image RosiePeare:
    I'll start religiously charting once AF returns; however, I find CP to be much easier than CM for me. While my CM often just seems to be creamy and never really gets dry or EWCM, I can definitely tell when my CP is high and hard versus low and soft. I wonder if it has something to do with the actual position of my cervix? (Taking Charge of Your Fertility definitely helped me figure out what I was looking for!)

    I swear to God, I thought that said crunchy.

    I either need more coffee or a nap.


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  • image delino:
    I check for high, med, low or hard, med, soft. But I can never tell if it's open or closed.

    Ever since my D&C and laparoscopy, I can't tell if mine is open or closed Sad 

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