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when to do newborn photos

I'm a photographer, and plan to do ds newborn photos. What is a good age range for doing this?

Re: when to do newborn photos

  • My friend is a photographer and likes to do them within the first 10 days. She took my sons pictures at 8 days old. Which worked out good because the next week his face and head got so dry and flaky she would have had to do some serious touching up.


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  • Also keep the room very warm (+75 degrees) and we used a heating pad under the blankets and nursed lots before the shoot... all equals happy, sleeping, naked baby.
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  • i have always heard to do it before 2 weeks of age. on sunday, we got my daughters pictures taken and she was exactly two weeks old. i think it would've gone better if we would've done it a little sooner. sunday seemed to be the day she decided to "wake up" and did not sleep through the whole shoot! prior to this, she slept constantly and never fussed. she was very fussy on sunday. we can usually do whatever we want to her when she's sleeping, and it wont bother her, but since sunday she's been more alert and aware. i would try between a week and two weeks. i think that wouldve been perfect for our daughter. good luck!

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  • We did ours when DS was 13 days old. 

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  • Definitely in the first two weeks. This past Sunday DS broke-out in baby acne. The Doc said it normally happens at 3 weeks when our hormones leave their system and they go through kinda "baby puberty".
  • Our photographer will only do newborn photo shoots on babys under 10 days of age. Our son got his done at 7 days old:)
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