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gimmietimmies (sp?)

So, if the 7 year expiration on Peg infant seats only in Canada? Because I called Peg Perego this morning to check for a friend, and they said that their infant seats only have a 5 year expiration still but that the convertible is 7 years.

The link you have previously posted says 7 years after 01/01/2011.

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Re: gimmietimmies (sp?)

  • Must be. I thought they were going to change them all over to 7 years for the infant seat. I've checked the list against most of the instructions posted online for both US and Canada and they seem to match up. Now I'm wondering if Transport Canada has that particular one wrong because they've finally approved the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio convertible here, and if that's what they are referring to.

    ETA: I just had a look for the instruction manual - it says 5 years as well. I think I'll be emailing Transport Canda. They have an update due out soon. Hopefully they'll have updated Diono's as well, and differentiate between them at 10 and SSK at 8.

    ETA, again: They don't have an online manual for the convertible I've found, but I found the stats for the expiration, it's the convertible that's 7 years. Ugh.

  • Yeah, the fb car seat board that I belong to has a doc that lists both the infant and convertible seat as 7 yeas with this statement:  "some sources state that seats manufactured in 2011 or later expire 7 years from the date of manufacture - this is unconfirmed, since Peg Perego seems to disagree"

    You will have to keep me posted on what Transport Canada says. I just feel bad, because I have been telling everyone that the infant seat is 7 now. Sad

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  • It makes me crazy, because usually Transport Canada is all over this, but wtf. I don't think they would have pulled that out of thin air. I'm going to give a shout out to a friend of mine in TO, she's been a tech since, Embarrassed um, forever. I've chatted with her since the start of chat rooms, almost. 14 year now, and she was a tech before that. She'll know.
  • Someone on the car seat board called Peg Perego Canada today, and she said that they said that Canadian Peg seats are 7 years after 01/01/2011.

    This might be a dumb question but is there a difference in the seat besides that? Why wouldn't their American seats be 7 years? Hmmmm....

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