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Ameda - changing valves

How often do you change the valves on your Ameda Purely Yours?  Or any pump for that matter.  I have been pumping occasionally since DS was 8 weeks old, but pumping regularly since I returned to work 6 weeks ago.  I realized I haven't changed the valves and I figured I probably should.

How about the diaphragms?  Is there any reason to change those?

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Re: Ameda - changing valves

  • No reason to change anything on an Ameda unless you notice that you need to.  I JUST threw a valve away after 5+ months straight.  I noticed it was torn b/c that side was making a hissing noise, and the diaphragm was getting milk on the bottom of it.  It was the first thing I have replaced.
  • If the valve is sitting up right and it gaps open a lot, then I would change it out.  I don't think there is a need to change the diaphram unless it has a hole in it.

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