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Bottles and Formula

what does your bottle schedule look like these days? How many are you giving lo and how many oz?


Re: Bottles and Formula

  • We are down to 2 bottles a day.  We give one bottle in the morning  and one at bedtime.  Both have 6 oz of formula mixed with 2 oz whole milk. 
    Allie ~ 01/26/09 ~ 7 lbs, 9 oz ~ 20.75 in. & Amelia ~ 03/16/11 ~ 8 lbs, 1 oz ~ 21 in.

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  • DS is not taking any bottles any more. He is on the sippy cup at all meals. He gets 4 "milk" sippys a day with 2oz of Formula and 4oz of milk in each. Next week he will just be on milk (6oz) at each meal.
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  • DS is almost 11 months. He is on a sippy cup. He takes 4 oz for breakfast, 6 oz for lunch, 4 oz for dinner. He usually drinks 4 oz for snack at either morning or afternonn.
  • DD still gets tons of bottles like 3 oz every 2 or so hours. She never could drink more than that at a time so i always have a bottle on the ground for when shes thirsty she hates the sippy.
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