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Stay with Fenugreek or switch to MotherLove?

Last week I was diagnosed with mastitits, got my first PP period, and hit the 6 month supply drop all at the same time. I'm working on building up my supply but I'm still short about 4 ounces a day. I'm almost out of my bottle of Fenugreek so before I buy more I'm wondering whether I should switch to the MotherLove More Milk Plus instead. Has anyone tried it with success? Thanks!
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Re: Stay with Fenugreek or switch to MotherLove?

  • Did the Fenugreek work for you? Did you or LO have any side effects? I'm hitting the 6 month supply drop a little early and it's starting to seriously dip into my milk supply for when I'm at work.


  • It worked ok. This time a week ago I only pumped one bottle the entire day. Usually I pump about 4. I'm back up to about three bottles a day. I'm still taking antibiotics and am hoping that once I finish with those I can get up to where I was before. The only side effect is the chemically-fake-maple-smell everyone complains about. I feel like Mrs. Butterworth. A friend took Fenugreek when she was BF and said it helped a lot.
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  • I have taken both. The fenugreek worked great for me but it had unpleasant side effects for me and LO (gassiness). I started taking MotherLove More Milk (not More Milk Plus) the More Milk does not have fenugreek in it like More Milk Plus does. It taste horrible but I am extremely happy with the results! I no longer need to supplement in the evenings. I started with a 2 oz bottle and I just ordered an 8 oz bottle! Love it! It is more expensive than the fenugreek though. 
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