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Shots and poop **update

DS poops every day 3-4 times a day and NEVER overnight. He had two shots Monday and a two Tylenol doses. Would thisconstipated him?  I know it's ok for him to not go for a few days but it's not his norm and he seems uncomfortable. I gave gas drops and massaged and bicycled legs. Thoughts??


ETA: He finally went. It was a five minute poop that was VERY watery and somehow contained itself I the target diapers I have written off after we finish this box of 2's. Back to swaddlers although these do work well I just hate how plastic they are. We had a few swaddler blowouts so maybe I am making a mistake?


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Re: Shots and poop **update

  • My LO had his shots Thursday and got Tylenol with no issues. He's a regular pooper too but once or twice has gone a day without pooping. Hopefully he'll go soon and be ready for it to be a big one!
  • I haven't had an issue with Target brand diapers, and I can tell you - my son gets mommy's money's worth (fills them all the way up)! lol.

    I have used Luvs, Huggies, Pampers and Target brand.  I like pampers and huggies best, but the other two do the job.  I'm with you on the paper like feel to them though.

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