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limited space for much of anything

my fiance and i are living in a camper year round because he does so much traveling for work. and now that we're expecting we've come to the conclusion that there's not really a lot of space for us to actually have baby stuff. i've already started purchasing or been given clothes and other baby necessities and we find ourselves running out of room. i admit that it's a decently sized camper, but i would be interested in knowing your thoughts on great ways to maximize the limited space.
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Re: limited space for much of anything

  • How long can you possibly have known you were pregnant?  And you're already buying stuff, and telling people that are passing off hand me downs?  The first thing I'd do is slow down a little bit and just be happy.  

    But the bottom line is that if you are unhappy or concerned about the amount of space you have, the only option is to upsize.  


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  • My suggestion is to get multi-tasking or travel-sized things.  A pack n play that has a changer (and lots of storage), a travel swing.  When you finish using something, sell it, and buy something for the next phase.  Only get clothes for the size your baby is in RIGHT THEN.  Sell the outgrown sizes and buy larger sizes.  Do disposable diapers, and only get a few at a time.  Get a stroller frame, and when your baby outgrows the carrier carseat, sell that and get a small-folding, reclinable umbrella-type stroller.

    Don't get things like Boppys, bumbos, play mats.  Use regular pillows & a quilt on the floor.  Babies honestly don't need much.  Open-ended play for older babies is best, anyway.

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