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Pumping questions

1. For those that mention pumping while driving to work - how exactly do you do that? 

2. Also, those that pump one side while nursing from the other, how do you do it?

3. How does your output change over the course of the day?


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Re: Pumping questions

  • I pump while driving. I hook up in the parking lot at work, throw a cover over myself and go (: I unhook at my destination (:

    I don't pump and nurse at the same time so I can't help there. As far as output I usually get 8-10 oz first thing in the morning and the rest are 5-6 oz 

  • My output definitely changes. I usually pump 25-30 oz a day, most of it in the AM. 4-5 oz on each side in the AM, then after 11 or so I'm getting 2-3 oz per side. My output is at its lowest point right before dinner.
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  • hook up in a parking lot, unhook in a parking lot. i have a nursing cover so no one can see anything.


    i get 4-6oz first thing in the morning, then i'm down to 2-3 for the rest of the day, lowest being the last pumping session at night. 

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  • I hook up before I leave, drive and unhook when I arrive.  I try not to do it though.

    I pump ~8oz in the morning (as long as its hours from last time I nursed).  After that I'm lucky to get 3 total.

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