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for those afraid of needles...

Are you planning on an epidural? 

Personally, I'm terrified of needles.  I'm going to try hypnobirthing.  The idea of doing hypnobirthing doesn't scare me.  The idea of getting an epidural and giving birth that way terrifies me.

Just wondering what everyone else with my shared phobia was planning. Smile

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Re: for those afraid of needles...

  • I have the fear of needles (see my earlier post) but plan to have an epidural. I fear natural childbirth more. I love the idea of hypnobirthing and plan to labor in a tub, but I'm a big wimp.
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  • I hate needles. The worst part about my c-section (which was all bad) was getting the spinal (very similar to epidural). My contractions were coming every 3 minutes at that point (baby was breech...we knew it was going to be a c-section, but I wanted to go into labor on my own) and I started praying for another contraction to start because the anesthesiologist stopped working during my contractions.

    I've heard great things about hypnobirthing. Another super helpful way to avoid epidurals is to be very informed and have a doula!

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  • I definitely have a fear of needles, especially long, giant needles going into my spine. I don't know what method I want to try for delivery yet, but fear of actually receiving the epidural is definitely helping me remain confident in my decision to go for a for a natural birth. Fear of needles was actually on my list of "reasons why I should never get pregnant."


     Similarly, I am using my fear of needles to reinforce my fear of gestational diabetes. I would hate to have to deal with needles more regularly as a result of GD (on top of putting my baby at risk obviously)!

  • Not afraid of needles whatsoever... unless it's a needle in the mouth (ugh, hate dentists!)  Those terrify me. 

    I plan on having a natural birth without pain meds but am open to changing my plan if need be.  The though of getting an epidural doesn't bother me.  What worries me is how the epidural will make me feel.

  • I can give shots and handle them all day, but when ones pointed my direction...COMPLETELY different story. I definitely would like an epidural, but I am terrified of the needle. I'll handle it better if they don't let me see it.

    BUT I'm hoping I can even get one? When my mom went in labor with me...she dilated so fast that they couldn't give her one? So she had me with absolutely nothing. She went from 1 cm to 10 in an hour. That's what she told me. Sooo I'm hoping that doesn't rub off on me...if it can?

  • Out of anything pregnancy related, the epidural/spinal was what I was afraid of the most. It haunted me my entire pregnancy... when the day finally came and they put me on the table (I had a csection so I just had a spinal block) I was shaking like crazy and didn't think I'd ever settle down. It wasn't bad, at all. It was basically a slight poke, a weird nervy kind of pain that lasted for a split second, and then it was over. I don't really want to do it again, because who wants a needle in their back, but I'm not afraid of it hurting or anything, because it really didn't!

    ETA- I must have hit the jackpot with an amazing anesthesiologist, I certainly hope I get that lucky again! I'm sad that other people had bad experiences :(




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  • I usually cry when I give blood but did surprisingly well when i had to have my first round of blood work done. I feel like I can feel the needle in my skin and it just aches so bad during and after. I always joke that my husband and I thought pregnancy and a baby through but I failed to realize I'd have to give birth! Haha. I know I can do it but I am still terrified! :) 
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  • I am terrified of needles!  In fact, I am getting my first blood draw for the pregnancy at my next appointment next week (they did not do it at the first one) and I am really anxious about it.  But, I fully plan on an epidural!  From what I hear you are in so much pain that you do not notice the epi, and after that it makes things so much better!
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  • I have been a huge needle-phobe in the past, to the point that I would pass out afterward from holding my breath I was so terrified. My first pregnancy actually helped me with my fear because I would just breathe and think about my baby. I prepared myself for birth without an epidural so I wouldn't feel like an epidural was my only option. I used my relaxation to 6cm and then decided I didn't care about the needle and wanted the epidural. It was no big deal at all when it came to the actual procedure. They poked me once to numb me so I didn't really feel anything else. And it worked quickly for me. It might have bothered me more if I had to get it before I was in that much pain though. Fyi, if you aren't expecting an epidural and then decide to get one, you may have to wait for extra bags of IV fluids like I did and then you have to wait for the anesthesiologist. It was about an hour between when I asked for it and when I got relief.
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  • My first pregnancy pretty much forced me to get rid of my fear of needles. I was stuck so many times - and was induced - that by the time the epidural came around, I was fine with it. I just didn't look at the needles for the epidural and breathed throughout it, and it wasn't as bad as I'd set it up in my mind to be. I still am not a huge fan of needles, but the thought of them doesn't make me nauseous anymore.

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  • I really want a natural birth and hope my fear of needles is greater than my pain tolerance. I'm really bad about needles. One year in high school they put the blood drive by my locker, I had such a panic attack that I was delirious and my bf (now DH) and my mom had to take me to the hospital. And know what they did?  They gave me an IV and drew blood. I lost it. The doctor told DH and my mom to never let me have kids and go through childbirth. They requote this to me all the time now. I'm better now (I don't scream and cry) but I do freak out internally pretty bad. Oh yeah, and DH is a paramedic and gives needles everyday. Lol
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  • And when I was younger my mom did IF  shots at home. I used to have so many nightmares about someone breaking in, finding them and chasing me with them I made her hide them so no one knew where they were. 
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  • I was terrified of needles the first time around but I got over it pretty quick after all of the shots and blood work from DS and when I went into labor the pain was so unbearable for me that I didn't even notice the epidural and it was such a relief when I was finally able to have one.

    But I never thought of Hypnotherapy.... that would be a great thing to try!


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  • I hate needles and was terrified of the idea of something going that close to my spine.I was determined to have a pain med free labor.  Once things got underway I changed my mid and would have gladly took a machete to the spine if it would have made the pain stop.
  • With my daughter I didnt have an epidural but I did have some other type of pain med that was given in my back and I have to say the doctor laughed at me that I was scared he said "you have 9 tattos but your scared of this on needle you cant even see"   lmao

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