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Rock 'n Play and a Bouncer Seat?

Hi Ladies,

I am starting to put together my registry and a few people have recommended registering for the Fisher Price Rock 'n Play. I already had in mind that I would register for a bouncer seat.  Would the Rock 'n Play be in place of a bouncer seat or should I register for both of them? Do they serve the same purpose? Are you registering for either one of these items?

Thanks for your help!




Re: Rock 'n Play and a Bouncer Seat?

  • IMO you could just get the rock'n'play. We used that, a playmat, and she slept in her pnp for the first three to four months, now she doesn't like the rock'n'play so much anymore to hang out in, she'd rather be in her exersaucer or her walker. We never used the bouncy seat we were given.
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  • We used the RnP just for sleep. I also had a bouncer but DS hated it. It was a Bright Starts one and it was so upright he couldn't lay in it without falling forward. I plan on getting another one next time around that is more reclined. It would have been nice to let him lay in it during the day. We mostly used a play mat and the Boppy lounger.
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  • For my son the bouncer was a necessity and by far our most used item te first few months.  It soothed my son when he was fussy with a combo of vibrating, bouncing, fun music and most important visual stimulation (ours was the Aquarium one with fishy swimming and lights and he could stare at it forever).  I loved having the RNP too, but that was more for first floor naps for us, and to put him down when he was over stimulated.  My son was never a real fan of the swing- he would only stay in swing for 5 minutes max, but bouncer for hours if we let him.  Every child is different.  I would say register for one or both, and if you do not get one wait and see if you need it.
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  • Go for the Rock n Play and skip the bouncer seat.  
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