TTC after 35

KRIS10L******so sorry I did not respond earlier!!!!

So sorry. I just found a PM from you back from mid January. You asked about my RE. I am going to West Valley Fertility Center and am seeing V. Troche. He's got an office in Glendale and Scottsdale. Site is and his number is 602-993-8636. Hope that helps. Good luck to you.
TTC #1 since 2/10 Me 38 FSH 12.9 & AMH 0.16 DH 47, low sperm count due to meds. 07/11 We have sperm! 28 million, 70% motility, morphology 1% normal. 08/14/11 1st IUI unmedicated BFN. 09/11/11 2nd IUI w/ Femara + trigger BFN 10/14/11 trigger & Final IUI 10/16/11 BFN 10/21/11 Started acupuncture and loving it! 01/21 ET one embryo 6 cell grade C. Beta 02/02. BFN. Taking a much needed break. image
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