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Game gifts.. cupcake theme

Would wine be an inappropriate game gift? There is a wine that is called cupcake. They make a red velvet wine and an angel food cake wine. I thought it would be cute to just have those two and then some other gifts.

Any other ideas? All the ideas I have are a little out there..


Like.. they have this kit that makes cake pops that would be fun..


The problem is.. I like things that maybe not everyone does.. 



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Re: Game gifts.. cupcake theme

  • I love it (for me) but many people don't drink wine or don't drink at all.  Maybe instead of a gift...just have it for people to drink...have a glass of wine, etc.  If the theme of the shower is "cupcakes" then it makes sense...otherwise I would skip it.  Cake pops are not cupcakes.  If you are doing an actual cupcake theme I would have cupcakes or a cake that is a cupcake.  kwim?
  • I like both your ideas! I think most people do like a nice bottle of wine. Even if the winner doesn't drink it herself, she will surely be able to share it with company one day. And it's just cute that it's cupcake wine! Other ideas: a cupcake printed apron (here's an example: or a box of cupcake mix with a cute spatula or a gift certificate to a cupcake bakery near you.
  • Not the most original of an idea - but I know Yankee Candle used to have a candle that smelled like a Cupcake..
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  • I like these ideas! very nice!
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