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First Trimester Screening was today...

Where to begin?  Exactly a week ago today, DH and I crossed a milestone.  I was 11 weeks and went in for my second OB appt.  At my first miscarriage, we found out I had miscarried during my 11 week checkup.  We were nervous.  They were unable to find the heartbeat externally, so pulled out the bedside ultrasound and there it was...heart just a beating away.

Today, I went in for the First Trimester Screening.  I swear I'm gonna be sore for a week from the Tech pushing on my lower abdomen, but we saw the baby moving both arms/hands and kicking its feet.  It even stood on its head.  Crazy kid!  The doctor came in and said everything looked great!!!  I should get the results from my bloodwork or rather pin prick in about two weeks, but he didn't see anything on the U/S that caused him any concern.  DH is shying away from the amnio because of the slim possibility of a miscarriage.  It will be interesting to see what the test results show and what our next steps will be.

I still can't believe I have made it this far.  My OB informed me that they were done with all tests for me until later in my pregnancy when they test me for GD.  Just regular checkups and I go for the 2nd round of prenatal testing in 4 weeks.  This is just weird...and crazy...and unbelievable...and OMG...could it be...could I actually make it to the 2nd Trimester?  BTW, the baby's heartbeat was 171 bpm...

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Re: First Trimester Screening was today...

  • Great news!
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  • Great news!! Now come join me on second tri :-)
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  • Great news. I hope all continues well.
  • Thank you all!  There are many times I lurk because I don't know what to say or how to respond, but I want you all to know that I read every post each day just to stay informed.  I love looking at the tickers and watching the countdown.  I have been on this board for 9 weeks now and it is amazing to see the progress in 9 weeks...
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  • What a great appt!

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