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Thinking of starting our family..

My guy and I are thinking of starting a family. We first decided to wait a year to start, so I went back on my BC, then my aunt died and his dad had an accident and now we are kinda thinking of start trying now.  

I am just not sure what steps to take beside having sex and ditching the BC...


Re: Thinking of starting our family..

  • May want to start taking Prenatals.

    Also, stash away as much $ as possible, and enjoy your sleep.

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  • I agree, start taking prenatals. And if you need to lose weight or gain it, now would be the time to do so! Start doing whatever you can to lead a healthy lifestyle! And GL!

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  • Read the book Taking Charge Of Your Fertility, and look into charting on, although there's nothing wrong with just trying for a while before you start charting. Also, please take into consideration that it can take a healthy couple a year to conceive, even with good timing.
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