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Yay for me!!

Had my regular appt today and for the first time in just about 29w, I have gained 2#!!!  I am soo happy!!!  It's crazy for a woman to say she wants to gain wt, but needed to gain a little, or at least stop loosing!!  Now here's hoping it stays with me for the next 2w. 
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Re: Yay for me!!

  • Yay for your weight gain! I'm weeks behind you but I understand the feeling :) Hope your weight sticks around for a bit! (Yes, that is a funny thing to say!)
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  • I highly recommend eating chocolate cake..... Sure helped me gain weight ;-) JK

    Its weird how our bodies respond to things. I have gained 5.5lbs total and are 18eks and for me that seems a lot but today the Dr told me that im skinny.... Seriously!  Ok so maybe I am pretty little but I always have been so it's probably not going to change. So let your body do what it needs as long as you are getting nutritious foods you will be fine. 

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  • Joi, I highly doubt it.  I am less anxious now, but it will creep back in the coming weeks.  What can I say.  It's my process.  I hate it, but its what I do; with everything in my life. 
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  • Good for you! I have had trouble gaining weight in both pregnancies - people have only just started noticing! But I had a happy healthy baby last time (7lbs 13oz) and I am sure you will too. 
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