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Nursery for boy-girl IRISH twins (PIPs)

We had to convert an upstairs addition with a drop off loft into a kid friendly place for two babies... our DD (7 months) and LO who will arrive in July. It was fun finding colors/bedding/decor that is fit for a boy and girl. Eventually, DD will move into the room up the stairs (where two walk in closets are) but we plan on having the kids share a room until they are at least five-years-old.









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Re: Nursery for boy-girl IRISH twins (PIPs)

  • Oh, should have mentioned, the blue ceiling will have white clouds painted on it and the white cradle will be replaced with a matching crib and blue bedding for LO.
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  • LOve the space!  You did a great job!
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  • That looks great!  What a great space!
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  • That's a great space. Good job.
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  • LOVE this nursery!
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  • Really nice!

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  • What beautiful work and a beautiful use of space.  Normally I don't care about nurseries, but I just had to look and comment on how nice it turned out!
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  • Thanks everyone - it was a long road with contractors, budget, etc. while taking care of DD, so I feel great with the FINISHED product :)
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  • That looks fantastic!

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