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Anyone on here with a diabetic DH/SO/manchild?

A story: 

Just remembered I didn't tell you ladies: DH is now officially diabetic.  He's been borderline since we got engaged (5yrs or so) but his A1C is now 7 so it's official.  He's completely freaked out, of course (if you've never met him picture Raj from "Big Bang Theory" mixed in with some Sheldon-esque spectrum issues) & the doc has prescribed Metformin.  He's not been exactly med compliant with the reflux meds he's been on so God only knows how long it'll be before I have to shoot him up with insulin.  I have to hold his hand for b/w; it's a recipe for disaster. 

Anywho, since I've been on Met for almost 3 years he knows there are certain things I won't touch (regular soda being one) because of GI issues from Met.  So what does he take his 1st pill with last night?  Limca, which is an Indian lemon-flavored soda.  Dumba$$.  I point out this wasn't the wisest decision & he scoffs @ me only to run to the bathroom half an hour later screaming out of both ends if you know what I mean.  He then proceeds to tell me he's not taking it again.  Why do I have visions of me sitting on him in bed while jamming a pill down his through & holding his jaw shut?


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Re: Anyone on here with a diabetic DH/SO/manchild?

  • Yikes.  I hope he starts to reason this out soon. 

    DH and I were actually just talking the other day about how we both only take pills with water.  I don't know why, but it's what we've always done.  The very few times I've taken anything (like a vitamin) with tea, it just feels weird and very wrong.

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  • That sucks he is being a baby. I hope he wakes up. DH's brother died of a heart attack at 45. It's so scary how things can so easily get off track.

    I was lurking on SAIF in the last month and one of the girls mentioned her DH has just been the diognosis and I think was even already on insulin.

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  • I work in a coronary ICU and many of our patients main risk factor is diabetes. Remind him that taking Metformin can save his life. He should also know, (not meaning to scare you) that there are many other complications caused from diabetes, such as painful diabetic neuropathy (pain in the feet), kidney damage, difficulty healing from injuries and infection, etc.

    I am so sorry you have to deal with this. One thing I can suggest is if he is a type 2 diabetic, which seems to be the case. Encourage him to exercise, it may help him reverse his diabetes and he may be able to stop his Metformin per his MD's recommendation!


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  • Tell him that I was put on Met for diabetes two years ago and after two years of 2000mg a day of Met I have an A1c level last month of 5.9 WOOHOO!  Oh, and yes my DH is also diabetic and on Met.  He's only on 1000mg. but I remind him every night at dinner to take his meds.  But as someone who's been dealing with blood sugar levels for years, I already know...only diet soda!  He needs to learn quick that sugar (and fructose, and simple carbs) are what the problem is.  He need to change his habits, eat more protein and give up the sugar drinks.  

    I joked once when I was working with another diabetic that he'd lose a toe if he didn't take care of himself (this after he was giving me a hard time about always having to eat lunch right around noon) and sadly - they did end up taking off one of his toes.  Diabetes is serious business, but at the same time it can easily be controled by a few small changes.  

    Good luck with your manchild. 

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